Spring Seminar Series

The public is invited to join us during the semester for our Wednesday seminars at 3:40 p.m. See zoom registration links below for each seminar. Graduate student talks are by invitation or internal only. Fall 2023 Seminar Series Schedule coming soon!

Sponsored by the  Barbara and Richard Rosenberg Institute for Marine Biology & Environmental Science

S23 Seminar Schedule

Date Speaker and Seminar Title

Feb 1

Archana Anand, Assistant Professor, San Francisco State University

The path of a flush

Abstract and Bio  | Watch the Recording

Feb 8

Scott Blankenship, Senior Geneticist - Science Director, Cramer Fish Sciences - Genidaqs

The importance of place; Fish diversity observed using DNA metabarcoding

Abstract and Bio  | Watch the Recording

Feb 15


Vera Trainer, Director, Olympic Natural Resources Center, University of Washington

Harmful algal bloom hotspots and heatwaves

Feb 22

Anne Simonis, Acoustic Ecologist, Adjunct Professor of Biology, NOAA Southwest Fisheries Science Center and San Francisco State University

Active Listening: Using Sound to Study Marine Mammals and the California Current Ecosystem

Abstract and Bio  |  Watch the Recording

Mar 1

Max Czapanskiy, Postdoctoral Scholar, NOAA / UC Santa Cruz

Reproducible is reusable: promoting research and education through open science

Abstract and Bio  |  Watch the Recording

Mar 8

No seminar

Mar 15

Dianna Padilla, Professor, Stony Brook University

Marine Invertebrate Responses to Changing Environments

Co-sponsored by the Rosenberg Institute at the Estuary & Ocean Science Center, WISE, Biology and CoSE

Abstract and Bio  |  Watch the Recording

Mar 22

Spring Recess - no seminar

Mar 29

Ann Holmes, Ph.D. Candidate, U.C. Davis

Operationalizing environmental DNA for conservation and management across estuary, wetland, and coastal ecosystems

Abstract and Bio  |  Watch the Recording

Apr 5

Matthew Savoca, Postdoctoral Scholar, Hopkins Marine Station

Plastic pollution in marine food webs: pathways, trends, and risk assessments 

Abstract and Bio  |  Watch the Recording

Apr 12

Gail Ashton, Marine Biologist, Smithsonian Environmental Research Center

Experimenting around climate change: predicting the marine invertebrate response

Abstract and Bio  |  Watch the Recording

Apr 19

Priya Shukla, Ph.D. Candidate, Bodega Marine Laboratory, University of California, Davis

Does Stress Hardening Improve Oysters' Capacity For Tolerating Disease and Marine Heatwaves?

Abstract and Bio  |  Watch the Recording

Apr 26

Richard Coleman, Assistant Professor, Rosenstiel School of Marine, Atmospheric, and Earth Science, University of Miami

Revealing connections in the sea: insights into the processes shaping the spatial distribution of marine fishes

Abstract and Bio | Watch the Recording

May 3

Pamela Rittelmeyer, Postdoctoral Fellow, U.C. Davis

Polycentric governance in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta

Abstract and Bio 

May 10

no seminar

May 17

EOS Center Graduate Students
Internal only - 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.