Bay Conference Center

Welcome to the Bay Conference Center in Tiburon. In a natural setting with the Richmond Bridge and the San Francisco Bay as its backdrop, the Bay Conference Center (BCC) is made for meetings. Surrounded by native oaks, bays and madrone, the Center offers panoramic views of the water from a secluded hillside. Why will this make your meeting the most productive one ever?

Being in nature releases the full capacity of our minds. As biophilia pioneer Edward O. Wilson said, “In short, the brain evolved in a biocentric world.”  And the Bay Conference Center has the key factors that increase creativity, focus and mental engagement. It offers the presence of water, exposure to natural light and views of nature.

From casual to formal, the unique setting of the BCC brings groups together for a truly collaborative and immersive meeting experience. From exclusive board meetings to strategic planning sessions to organizational retreats we provide a truly unique space that is available for rent to the public.

Originally the Officer’s Club when the Navy occupied the site starting in 1905, the Bay Conference Center is an ideal setting for meetings and conferences, convenient for people who want to collaborate free of distraction so they can generate new ideas and problem-solve more efficiently.

The conference facility is powered by photovoltaic panels funded by the Compton Foundation and private donations, which exemplify the environmental mission of the Estuarine & Ocean Science Center, which is to connect science, society and the sea.

View of Bay Bridge from the conference center