We are an interdisciplinary team of scientists focused on connecting science, society and the sea from SF Bay to the Farallon Islands and beyond.

The faculty at the EOS Center are affiliated with various departments in SF State’s College of Science & Engineering and partner organizations that share our mission. We teach undergraduate and graduate level courses here at the EOS Center on the Romberg Tiburon Campus and at SF State’s Holloway (main) campus. Many of our course offerings immerse students in the ecosystems of San Francisco Estuary and nearby outer coast, and utilize our flow-through baywater system, boating, and diving programs. We mentor SF State students doing original research in our innovative Master’s of Science in Interdisciplinary Marine & Estuarine Science (IMES), based at the EOS Center, as well as master’s students affiliated with academic departments. We conduct cutting-edge research on basic and applied topics in marine and estuarine science, conservation, and restoration (see Research), and embrace a scholar-teacher model that brings current topics and methodologies to our student training. We seek to give our diverse student body the tools needed for graduate studies and careers that confront the most important issues in estuarine and ocean science and management.

Resident Faculty

Roger Bland
Professor Emeritus, Physics and Astronomy
Underwater Acoustics
(415) 338-2433
Katharyn Boyer
Interim Executive Director, Professor of Biology
Restoration Ecology of Coastal Ecosystems, Climate Change Adaptation
(415) 338-3751
Ed Carpenter
Professor of Biology
Microbial Ecology
(415) 338-3732
Andy Chang
Adjunct Professor of Biology and Program Leader, Smithsonian Environmental Research Center West (at Romberg Tiburon Campus)
Marine Invasions and Intertidal Ecology
(530) 400-9410
William Cochlan
Adjunct Professor of Biology
Marine Microbial Ecology and Oceanography
(415) 338-3541
Sarah Cohen
Professor of Biology
Evolutionary Ecology and Genetics
(415) 338-3750
Dick Dugdale
Adjunct Professor of Biology
Biological Oceanography and Biogeochemical Cycling
(415) 338-3518
Matt Ferner
Adjunct Professor of Biology and Research Coordinator, SF Bay NERR
Marine Benthic Ecology
(415) 338-3724
Ellen Hines
Professor of Geography and Environment, Associate Director of Academic Programs
Marine and Coastal GIS and Marine Endangered Species
(415) 338-3512
Michelle Jungbluth
Adjunct Professor of Biology
Biological Oceanography and Molecular Biology
(415) 435-7127
Sean Jungbluth
Adjunct Professor of Biology
Environmental Genomics and Systems Biology
Wim Kimmerer
Adjunct Professor Emeritus, Biology
Biological Oceanography
(415) 338-3515
Tomoko Komada
Professor of Chemistry
Marine Biogeochemistry
(415) 338-3748
Stuart Siegel
Adjunct Professor, Earth and Climate Sciences and Interim Director, SF Bay NERR
Wetland Geography and Spatial Planning
(415) 299-8746
Anne Simonis
Adjunct Professor of Biology and Contractor with NOAA Fisheries
Acoustic Ecology
(415) 570-8949
Frances Wilkerson
Adjunct Professor of Biology
Marine Biology and Biological Oceanography
(415) 338-3519
Chela Zabin
Adjunct Professor of Biology and Research Staff, Smithsonian Environmental Research Center West (at Romberg Tiburon Campus)
Coastal Ecology and Restoration
(415) 435-7128

Affiliated Scientists

Karen Crow
Associate Professor of Biology
Marine Biology, Ecology and Evolution
(415) 405-2760
Brent Hughes
Associate Professor, Sonoma State University
Community ecology and coastal conservation
(707) 664-2142
Jaime Jahncke
Adjunct Professor of Biology and California Current Director, Point Blue Conservation Science
Biological Oceanography, Marine Ecology and Conservation, and Marine Megafauna
(707) 338-1609
Karina Nielsen
Former Executive Director, Adjunct Professor of Biology / Director, Oregon Sea Grant
Coastal Ecosystems
Alex Parker
Associate Professor of Oceanography, California Maritime Academy, CSU
Marine Microbial Biogeochemistry
(707) 654-1149
Greg Ruiz
Senior Scientist, Smithsonian Environmental Research Center
Marine Invasions and Ecology
Mike Vasey
Lecturer Emeritus, Biology and Former Director, SF Bay NERR
Botany and Ecology
(415) 338-3703