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University suspends face-to-face classes to prepare for remote instruction and services

Mar 10, 2020

SF State President issues an announcement regarding COVID-19 and steps to further limit the potential for its spread within our community. Find details at

All SF State events cancelled, classes in session - new guidance from SF Department of Public Health

Mar 9, 2020

New guidance from SFDPH; classes in session and all events cancelled

The spring 2020 Rosenberg Institute Public Forum with Dr. Kiki Jenkins scheduled for Wednesday March 11, 2020, has been cancelled to reduce the risk of spreading the COVID-19 coronavirus through social contact among people at large public gatherings.

2020 California Sea Grant State Fellows Announced

Mar 2, 2020

California Sea Grant has selected 28 recipients for its prestigious State Fellowship, making this year’s cohort the largest yet. This opportunity provides fellows with unparalleled and hands-on training at the interface of science, communication, policy, and management at either a municipal, state, or federal host agency in California for one year. This year’s fellows are distributed among 21 different agencies throughout the state.

Congratulations EOS Center graduate students Cheryl, Dulce, Byron, and Kelly! 

the sea star Leptasterias pusilla on a rock

Leptasterias by Sarah Cohen

Feb 12, 2020

Leptasterias pusilla sea stars can be hard to spot. Read about their plight in the Bay Area in Bay Nature. Photo: Sarah Cohen

The Smallest Stars Have Gone Out

Feb 12, 2020

More than 20 species of sea star suffered in a disease outbreak that started in 2013. But in the Bay Area, one small star hasn't returned.

Once there were thousands, a galaxy of tiny stars strewn over the rocky beaches of West Marin and the San Mateo coast. But within only a few years, Leptasterias pusilla, or the six-rayed sea star, vanished from Bay Area coastal beaches.

Researchers uncover clues to sea star disease

Jan 21, 2020

All along North America’s West Coast, sea stars are vanishing. The colorful invertebrates are falling victim to one of the largest epidemics ever seen in the ocean: a mysterious plague known as sea star wasting disease. A new study by researchers in the lab of Professor of Biology Sarah Cohen delves into the dramatic decline this disease has caused in Leptasterias — also known as six-rayed sea stars — around San Francisco Bay.

Study shows potential for a sea otter resurgence in SF Bay

Dec 20, 2019

Research by EOS Center scientists suggests otters could thrive in wetlands like those in the Bay Area.

San Francisco Bay has seen a recent resurgence in marine mammal species, and new research by a team including San Francisco State University scientists suggests that there might be room for one more. Sea otters, the study shows, would find widespread food and habitat in the Bay — and could perhaps spread to other estuaries, too.

happy holidays from your friends at the EOS Center. Breaching humpback image

A Rising Tide: Marin Tackles the Challenges of Elevated Sea Levels

Nov 20, 2019

What’s being done to protect Marin’s coastal lands from the effects of climate change?

Ian Urbina’s “The Outlaw Ocean” earns him an invitation to testify before Congress

Nov 18, 2019

If you joined us for the discussion with New York Times award winning investigative reporter Ian Urbina, you will want to watch his moving testimony before Congress.