New Model Maps a Resilient SF Bay Future Through Climate-Smart Seagrass Restoration

Author: Audubon
February 28, 2024

New eelgrass habitat model to supercharge conservation efforts to prevent acidification, erosion, and other climate change impacts in major CA bays.

(Oakland, CA) Audubon California and partners released their San Francisco Bay Eelgrass Habitat Suitability Model, a powerful new tool that highlights future-resilient locations within the bay most suitable for restoration of eelgrass, a linchpin species for long-term bay health. The project was developed as a collaboration between Audubon California, Merkel & Associates, Inc., and Dr. Katharyn Boyer (Interim Director, Estuary and Ocean Science Center, San Francisco State University), funded by a grant from the California Ocean Protection Council.

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See the project description:
Eelgrass Habitat Suitability Model for Targeted, Climate-Smart Eelgrass Restoration in San Francisco Bay