Sea Explorers


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Thanks to Paige and Ian MacLeod for a generous donation in support of this program.

Is a career in science, education, art, or all of the above in your future?

Seize this unique opportunity to learn what marine biologists, oceanographers, wetland ecologists, geographers,
educators and artists do to connect science, society and the sea for a healthy planet!


Free VIRTUAL pilot program for youth ages 12-17
July 12-16, 1-3:30 p.m.


What will we do?

Each day you will:

·    Take a virtual tour of marine science research and habitat restoration in San Francisco Bay

·    Engage with experts in their fields

·    interactive and inclusive discussions

·   Do hands-on activities and express your observations in reflective journals to make sense of what you’ve learned, and

·    Explore college and career paths for your future.

At the end of this course, you will be armed with the knowledge, tools and skills to take the next steps in your path to the future you, and earn a certificate of completion.



How do I sign up? Join the waitlist HERE!

Space is limited to 30 students ages 12 - 17. Registration is closed, join us in person next summer!

Questions? Please contact Erin Blackwood