Mike Vasey

Mike Vasey

Lecturer Emeritus, Biology and Former Director, SF Bay NERR
Botany and Ecology
Phone: (415) 338-3703
Email: mvasey@sfsu.edu

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My background and research interests are in environmental studies and conservation biology. I originally came to San Francisco State in 1990 as Coordinator for the then-new SFSU Conservation Biology Program. In the early 1990’s, I was Acting Manager for the SF Bay NERR and led the effort to have it officially designated in 2003. Also during that time, I worked on tidal wetland vegetation projects from South SF Bay to the Delta. I recently received my PhD in Environmental Studies at UC Santa Cruz, where I conducted research on the influence of the summer marine layer on maritime chaparral. For the last 20 years, I have worked with colleagues to develop a systematic treatment for the woody genus Arctostaphylos.

Selected Papers

  • Vasey, MC, ME Loik, VT Parker. 2012. Influence of summer marine fog and low cloud stratus on water relations of evergreen woody shrubs (Arctostaphylos: Ericaceae) in the chaparral of central California. Oecologia 170: 325-377. DOI 10.1007/s00442-012-2321-0.
  • Parker, V.T., E.R. Herbert, J.C. Callaway, L.M. Schile, M.C. Vasey. 2012. Impact of climate change on San Francisco Bay-Delta tidal wetlands. California Native Plant Society Conservation Conference Proceedings: Strategies and Solutions, January, 2009.
  • Vasey, M.C., V.T. Parker, J.C. Callaway, E.R. Herbert, L.M. Schile.  2012.  Tidal wetland vegetation in the San Francisco Bay-Delta Estuary.  San Francisco Estuary and Watershed Science 10(2).
  • Vasey, MC. 2012. Influence of the summer marine layer on maritime chaparral and implications for conservation policy in the California Coastal Zone.  Dissertation, University of California Santa Cruz.
  • Parker, VT, MC Vasey, JE Keeley.  2012. Arctostaphylos. In Baldwin, BE (Editor), The Jepson Manual (2nd Ed), UC Press, Berkeley, CA.  p 686-700.