Vision for the Future

Vision for the future of the Estuary & Ocean Science Center at the Romberg Tiburon Campus: Re-imagining San Francisco Bay’s only waterfront marine lab as a hub for coastal and societal resilience.

We will transform SF State’s Estuary & Ocean Science Center into a vibrant bayside hub for training and innovation, fostering ecosystem and human resilience in the face of climate change.

We seek state and federal funding, partnerships, and donations to make this bright future a reality.


Climate change is threatening natural and human communities in and around our increasingly stressed urban estuary. Solutions for coastal ecosystem and societal resilience require a well-trained workforce that represents the population’s diversity. The region needs an easily accessible and inclusive gathering place on the bay to study, innovate, and translate science into action, while preparing the next generation of problem-solvers to create a sustainable future.

As the only marine science laboratory on the shores of San Francisco Bay since its launch 45 years ago, the EOS Center exerts an outsized impact on evidence-based decision making for the State of California through cutting-edge science and placement of our graduates into positions at regulatory and natural resources agencies. Onsite partnerships with the SF Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve and the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center enhance our research capabilities, student training, and community engagement.


The future of the Estuary & Ocean Science Center will depend on investment and ongoing revenue streams. Sustained financial support is critical to ensure a marine research center uniquely positioned to confront the climate crisis of San Francisco Bay and its communities.

Investment in the Center now will reverberate decades into the future as the impact of our scientific work is realized and our students fledge into leaders equipped to solve some of the weightiest problems of our time.

aerial site and map of sf bay

Vision for a New Era

There has never been a more pressing need for a bay-side integrative hub connecting science, society, and the sea. Our unique model for ocean-centered climate change solutions:

  • Launch bold initiatives to serve California and regional climate action
  • Ignite passion and learning while growing a climate workforce
  • Support ecosystem and human resiliency through critical renovations