Dirk Rosen

Rosenberg Institute Seminar Series – Dirk Rosen

Wednesday, December 06, 2023
Event Time 03:30 p.m. - 04:30 p.m. PT
Location BCC
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Dirk Rosen, President and Founder of Marine Applied Research & Exploration

Deploying ROVs to assess deepwater fisheries, corals and MPAs


MARE deploys robotics below diver depths to assess ocean health.  This presentation will describe several types of deepsea robotics designed, built and used by MARE to track ocean health over time.  We will with begin with a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) assessment over time of California’s Network of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs), and expeditions to the Gulf of Mexico sampling and outplanting deepsea corals impacted by the 2012 Deepwater Horizon oil spill.  If time permits we will explore the use of our hydrodynamic towfish visually surveying Maui and Molokai for suitable MPA site designations, and the use of our drop camera to video outplanted coral’s first day on its new substrate. 




Dirk Rosen founded Marine Applied Research and Exploration, a 501.c.3 to fill the knowledge gap on the continental shelf, below scuba depths, tracking and assessing deep sea communities over time.  

Dirk has 35+ years of deepsea equipment design, build and operations experience with ROVs, manned submersibles and tow sleds. He’s led 42 ocean expeditions assessing MPAs and National Marine Sanctuaries, performing fish stock assessments, mapping coral disease, recovering lost equipment, and removing derelict fishing gear. 

Previously, Dirk was president of Deep Ocean Engineering, test pilot for all Deep Rover 1,000 meter-rated manned submersibles, and co-designer of many ROVs.