Current Courses Fall 2023

Fall 2023 Courses


BIOL 708 – Scientific Methods for Professional Aquatic Scientists (Units: 3) 

Thursdays, 13:00 – 16:00, in person

Prerequisites: Graduate standing or consent of the instructor

Description:  Introduction to research tools and approaches used by scientists including software for data analysis and presentation, using scientific literature, experimental design, writing scientific papers and proposals, professional communication (oral, poster, and letter), and time and stress management. (Plus-minus letter grade only)

Instructor: Anne Simonis


BIOL 863 –  Ecosystems Ecology - Current Ecological Topics in Estuaries and Coasts (Units: 2)

Thursday, 10:00 – 12:00, hybrid

Prerequisite: open to graduate students and seniors from any Science Program

This graduate seminar class will review published scientific literature to explore how ecology is used to address environmental management questions in estuarine and coastal ecosystems.  The topics and theme of the class will be determined by students and instructor in the first few weeks of class. Students will give presentations for discussion, based on reading the current peer-reviewed scientific literature and provide a peer-reviewed paper to the rest of the class to read for discussion. Students will provide a one-page summary after the class. There is no text book for this class and course materials will be peer reviewed papers accessed online or provided on CANVAS.

Instructor: Dr. Frances Wilkerson


MSCI 709 – Foundations in Interdisciplinary Marine & Estuarine Science (Units: 4) 

Mondays and Wednesdays, 09:10 – 11:00, hybrid

Prerequisite: Graduate Interdisciplinary Marine & Estuarine students or permission of the instructor

Developing interdisciplinary working knowledge at the intersection of global change (climate change, ocean acidification, invasive species, disease, land use), coastal oceanography (physical, biological, chemical, geological), marine/estuarine biology (biodiversity, population, ecosystem, physiology), and societal issues (general public, managers, policymakers). (Plus-minus letter grade only)

Instructor: Dr. Frances Wilkerson


MSCI 788 – Professional Internship in Marine and Estuarine Sciences (Units: 3)   

Wednesdays,  09:30 – 10:45, hybrid

Prerequisite: IMES students or consent of the instructor

Description: Professional internship with a partner organization one day per week. Partners are from a wide range of organizations where scientific information is used, not generated. Students will relate what they learn to classmates during weekly group meetings and group discussions with internship mentors to address student career planning questions. Lecture, 1 unit; laboratory, 2 units. (Plus-minus letter grade only)

Instructor: Dr. Ellen Hines


MSCI 885 – Seminar in Marine Biology, Current EOS Center Research (Units: 2) 

Wednesdays, 15:30 – 17:30, RTC Campus, BCC

Prerequisites: Graduate standing and consent of instructor

Description: Topic to be specified in Class Schedule. May be repeated for a total of 4 units when topics vary.

Instructor: Dr. Frances Wilkerson