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How do scientists go from OMG to PhD? How do they turn their passion for science into their profession? What advice do they have for future scientists? If you are a 5th-12th grade student, undergraduate, teacher or parent, join us to ask these questions and more in a Q&A session with our weekly Seminar speakers on Wednesdays from 1:30-2PM.

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"Ask the Scientist" Speakers


September 16
Andres Cisneros, Research Associate, University of British Columbia

Andrés Cisneros-Montemayor (PhD ) is a resource economist specializing in marine systems and cross-scale development policy. He is Deputy Director of the Nippon Foundation Ocean Nexus Program and Research Associate at the University of British Columbia. Linking field, theoretical, and policy work, he studies the economics of ecotourism, competing fishing sectors, alternative management strategies, and ecosystem and social-ecological approaches to policy in multi-stakeholder contexts. An important aspect of this work involves the dynamics between commercial, recreational, social and cultural benefits within complex social-ecological systems.


September 23
Daniel Harris, Postdoctoral Fellow, Boyer Lab, Estuary and Ocean Science Center, SFSU

Daniel received his BSc in Geology from the National University of Ireland, Galway. He moved to the US in 2007, where he coordinated Georgia’s oyster restoration program and facilitated the development of the state’s first two living shorelines. This work led him to his PhD position with Jeb Byers at the University of Georgia’s Odum School of Ecology. His dissertation research on intertidal ecosystem engineers was supported by an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship, Georgia Seagrant, and the St. Catherines Island Foundation. Daniel is excited to venture into subtidal eelgrass ecosystems as a postdoctoral researcher in Kathy Boyer’s lab.


September 30
Kate High, Graduate Student, Hines Lab, Estuary and Ocean Science Center, SFSU

I am a Bay Area native, who grew up spending my time outdoors and volunteering with East Bay Regional Park District since I could walk. I received my B.S. in Marine Biology from San Jose State University. I have been spending most of my time volunteering for Cal Academy of Sciences and working within the Stranding Network for dead marine mammals.

I am working in Dr. Ellen Hines lab on trend analysis and GIS mapping of stranding network data.


October 7
Gabriel Ng, Smithsonian Institution

I am studying the efficacy of stock enhancement in the blue swimmer crab fisheries within the Philippines. Stock enhancement, the process by which hatchery-reared juveniles are released to augment the natural populations, can be a potentially useful strategy in managing a declining fishery. However, stock enhancement is only feasible if the populations are limited by recruitment and not through other factors such as predation, habitat degradation, or food limitation. In collaboration with the Institute of Marine and Environmental Technology and the Philippines Association of Crab Producers Inc., we are conducting mark-recapture studies on hatchery-reared juvenile blue swimmer crabs to track their survival and performance in the wild. The results from this study will quantify the effectiveness of stock enhancement and provide insights on optimal release strategies to promote survival of the juveniles.