RIPTIDES Faculty Mentors


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Boyer headshot
Professor of Biology
Wetlands Ecology, Community and Restoration Ecology
Carpenter headshot
Professor of Biology
Microbial Ecology
Dr. Andy Chang
Tiburon Program Leader, SERC
Adjunct Associate Professor of Biology, San Francisco State University
Photo of Tendai Chitewere
Associate Professor of Geography & Environment,
Sustainable communities, green consumerism, environmental anthropology
Cochlan headshot
Adjunct Professor of Biology
Marine Microbial Ecology & Oceanography
Cohen headshot
Professor of Biology
Evolutionary Ecology and Genetics
Photo of Professor Robyn Crook
Assistant Professor of Biology
Neurobiology, Animal Behavior, Comparative Physiology
Photo of Karen Crow
Associate Professor of Biology
Evolution and ecology of fishes, Ichthyology
Picture of José De La Torre
Associate Professor
Microbial Ecology & Evolution, Microbiology of High Temperature Environments (Hot Springs), Archaea
Photo of Petra Dekens
Chair of Earth & Climate Science Dept., Associate Professor of Oceanography
Paleoceanography, Paleoclimatology
Dugdale headshot
Adjunct Professor of Biology
Biological Oceanography and Biogeochemical Cycling
Ferner headshot
Research Director, SF Bay NERR and Adjunct Associate Professor of Biology
Marine Benthic Ecology
photo of Sheldon gen
Associate Professor,
Public Administration
Photo of Logan Hennessy
Associate Professor of Liberal Arts
Liberal Studies, Humanities
Hines headshot
Professor of Geography & Environment and Associate Director of Academic Programs
Marine & Coastal GIS and Marine Endangered Species
Adjunct Professor of Biology
Biological Oceanography
headshot of Tomoko Komada
Professor of Chemistry
Marine Biogeochemistry
headshot of Piero Mazzini
Assistant Professor of Earth & Climate Sciences
Coastal Oceanography
Photo of Melissa Nelson
Associate Professor of Ethnic Studies,
Native American Ecology / Environmental Studies, California Indian Cultures, Science & Ethics
Executive Director & Professor of Biology
Coastal Ecosystems
Photo of Kimberly Tanner
Professor, Director of SEPAL
Biology Education Research, Equity and Diversity in Science, Science Education Research
Wilkerson headshot
Adjunct Professor of Biology
Marine Biology and Biological Oceanography