Research Faculty


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Our research faculty are highly productive Ph.D. level scientists affiliated with an academic department at SF State who work in residence at the EOS Center. They are supported by external grants and contracts administered through SF State. They often mentor SF State students doing original research through M.S. programs, including our innovative M.S. in Interdisciplinary Marine & Estuarine Science based at the EOS Center. Some of our research faculty also teach undergraduate and graduate level courses.

Cochlan headshot
Adjunct Professor of Biology
Marine Microbial Ecology & Oceanography
Dugdale headshot
Adjunct Professor of Biology
Biological Oceanography and Biogeochemical Cycling
Ferner headshot
Research Director, SF Bay NERR and Adjunct Associate Professor of Biology
Marine Benthic Ecology
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Biology
Kimmerer Laboratory (EOS Center)
Adjunct Professor of Biology
Biological Oceanography
Stuart Siegel headshot
Adjunct Professor of Earth & Climate Sciences
Coastal Resilience Specialist, SF Bay NERR
Vasey headshot
Director, San Francisco Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve
Associate Director for Science Engagement (EOS Center); Environmental Science, Botany and Ecology
Wilkerson headshot
Adjunct Professor of Biology
Marine Biology and Biological Oceanography