Spring 2021 Seminars


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Spring 2021 Seminars
Wednesdays, 3:30 PM

Please watch our weekly seminars on Zoom.
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Jan 27

Joanna Alfaro-Shigueta, Director, ProDelphinus
Marine turtle conservation in Peru

Due to a scheduing conflict, today's seminanar has been cancelled

Feb 3

Kaho Tisthammer, Postdoctoral Scientist, SFSU
Surviving in high-stress environments: Physiological and molecular responses of lobe coral indicate nearshore adaptations to anthropogenic stressors

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Feb 10

 Steve Kielar, Director of Education, Call of the Sea
Sharing stories: How do we create experiences and pathways to help support a STEM identity?

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Feb 24

Kaylan Randolph, Assistant Research Scientist, California State University Maritime Academy
Breaking waves, bubbles, light scattering and energy dissipation

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Mar 3

Kimberly Komatsu, Senior Scientist, Smithsonian Environmental Research Center
From communities to ecosystems: linking ecological responses to multiple global change drivers 

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Mar 10

Aurora Ricart, Postdoctoral Scientist, Bigelow Laboratories for Ocean Sciences
Who helps whom? The role of marine forests on the mitigation and adaptation to climate change

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Mar 17

Kate Stafford, Senior Principal Oceanographer, University of Washington
Eavesdropping in the Arctic on singing bowheads and a changing climate

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Apr 14

Julie Beagle, Deputy Program Director, Environmental Scientist, San Francisco Estuary Institute & The Aquatic Science Center
Can the San Francisco Bay use nature to adapt to rising seas?

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 Apr 21

Ed Gross, Principal, 3-D Modeling Lead, Resource Management Associates Inc.
Estimation of Longfin Smelt Hatching Distribution, Abundance and Entrainment using Three-Dimensional Hydrodynamic and Particle-Tracking Models

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Apr 28

Kathleen McAfee, Professor, SFSU
Does California need more options for forest or blue carbon offsets?

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May 5

Sean Craig, Professor, Humboldt State University

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May 12

Maxime Grand, Assistant Professor, Moss Landing Marine Laboratory 
The development of autonomous chemical analyzers for ocean observatories and aquaculture in California

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The EOS Center welcomes persons with disabilities and will provide reasonable accommodations upon request. If you would like reasonable accommodations for this event, please contact Rebecca 415-297-3309 or rebeccajohnson@sfsu.edu as soon as possible so your request may be reviewed.