Spring 2020 Seminar Series


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Spring 2020 Seminars
Wednesdays, 3:30 at the Bay Conference Center

Jan 29

Jeana Drake, Zuckerman Fellowship Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Haifa
Characterizing coral skeletal proteins: Traditional and novel techniques 

Feb 5

EOS Graduate Students Research in Progress Talks-1

Laura Hollander (Boyer Lab)
Effect of salt marsh plant species diversity on community response to sediment augmentation

Christian Tettelbach (Boyer Lab)
Effects of climate change on the herbivory of eelgrass (Zostera marina) by an invasive grazer in San Francisco Bay

Carl Hendrickson (Nielsen and Boyer Labs)
Investigating the effects of restored oyster reefs on flow and related ecosystem services

Meredyth Duncan (Cohen Lab)
Lophophorates on the loose: invasion patterns of cryptic Watersipora on the San Francisco coast

Feb 12

Nicole Thomez, Assistant Professor, University of San Francisco
Living on the Edge: Reproductive physiology, behavior, and recovery of southern sea otters

Feb 26

 Kim Coble, Professor, San Francisco State University
The Alma Project: Cultivating cultural capitals in STEM through reflective journaling

Mar 4

Anne Simonis, Contractor, NOAA National Marine Fisheries
You can learn a lot by listening: Assessing human impacts on marine mammals through passive acoustic monitoring  

Mar 11

Lekelia "Kiki" Jenkins

Associate Professor, School for the Future of Innovation in Society, ASU

Saving sea turtles with conservation technology and dance

11 A.M. Science Talk

6 P.M. Reception | 7 P.M. Public Talk

Mar 18


Apr 1

EOS Graduate Students Research in Progress Talks-2
**special start time - 2:30 p.m.**

Apr 8

David Ainley, Senior Ecologist 2, H. T. Harvey & Associates
Geographic structure of Antarctic penguin populations: Revisited 

Apr 15

Denise Reed, Professor Gratis, University of New Orleans 
Planning for the future of coastal Louisiana: Data, models and decision-making

Apr 22

Daniel Palacios, Endowed Associate Professor in Whale Habitats, Oregon State University
Site fidelity, residence, and re-visitation patterns of blue and fin whales at coastal hot spots in the California Current Ecosystem

Apr 29

Lorraine Ling, Postdoctoral Scholar, Stanford University  
Symbiotic state mitigates oxybenzone lethality in Aiptasia, a model for coral-algal symbiosis

May 6

Estuary & Ocean Science Center Poster Social

May 13

Sean Craig, Professor, Humboldt State University  
Globally invasive bryozoans: Why cryptic species matter


Download the schedule HERE.