SF State faculty members rise to the shelter-in-place challenge with remote instruction


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With COVID-19 moving classes off campus, instructors find creative ways to give students a top-notch education.

Hundreds of San Francisco State University faculty members are now teaching students remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Read the story and find out how one EOS Center professor and her students continue their studies and research.


Above: Science laboratory courses, which rely on high-tech equipment and spaces, are similarly hard to squeeze into a Zoom-sized window. In Professor of Biology Katharyn Boyer’s “Wetland Ecology” course, students designed and started an experiment using plants raised in the greenhouse at SF State’s Estuary and Ocean Science Center. Rather than cutting the experiment short, Boyer transferred the experiment piece by piece to the deck of her own home, placed under a translucent table that protects the plants from the elements while letting in sunlight. Though it wasn’t easy, Boyer says it was important that students be able to see the experiment through to its conclusion. “I feel this is a critical experience for our students to understand the process of science,” she explained.