Seminar Schedule - Fall 2021


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Fall 2021 Seminars
Wednesdays, 3:30 PM

The public is invited to join our weekly seminars via Zoom.
See links below for each seminar.


Sept 1

Tomoko Komada, Professor of Chemistry, EOS Center, SFSU

The ‘Fast’ and ‘Slow’ in Blue Carbon: Differential Fates of Indigenous and Imported Organic Matter in Intertidal Salt Marsh Sediments

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Sept 8

Dayne Buddo, Director, Scientific Research and EcoXpeditions
Aquarium of the Bay | The Bay Institute | Sea Lion Center | The Bay Academy I Bay Model Alliance | 


Marine Protected Areas in Small Island Developing States

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Sept 15

Ana Spalding, Assistant Professor of Marine and Coastal Policy, Oregon State University

Assessing Community Vulnerability to Ocean Acidification Across the California Current System

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Sept 22

EOS Center Graduate Students
Internal only

Sept 29

Peggy Lehman, Senior Environmental Scientist, CA Department of Water Resources

Oct 6

EOS Center Graduate Students
Internal only

Oct 13

EOS Center Graduate Students

Oct 20

Jim Sanchirico, University of California at Davis
Ocean Conservation, Fisheries, and Poverty Alleviation

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 Oct 27

Lisa White, UC Berkeley
Integrating virtual fieldwork, paleontology collections, and visualization tools to enhance geoscience instruction for diverse audience

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Nov 3

No Seminar - CERF (Coastal and Estuarine Research Federation) Conference

Nov 10

No Seminar - CERF (Coastal and Estuarine Research Federation) Conference

Nov 17

EOS Center Graduate Students
Internal only

Nov 24

No Seminar - Thanksgiving

Dec 1

EOS Center Graduate Students
Internal only

Dec 8

James Carlton, Emeritus Professor, Williams College
The Age of Invasions Meets the Age of Plastics: How Tsunamis, Megarafting, Coastal Development, and Climate Change May All be Related

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Dec 15

Internship Talks



The EOS Center welcomes persons with disabilities and will provide reasonable accommodations upon request. If you would like reasonable accommodations for this event, please contact Rebecca (415) 338-3543 or as soon as possible so your request may be reviewed.