Rosenberg Institute Fall Seminar Series - Risa Cohen


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Wednesday, November 18 | 3:30 PM
Estuary & Ocean Science Center | Zoom Registration

New kids on the block: Emerging contaminants in aquatic systems

Risa A. Cohen, Department of Biology, Georgia Southern University

Abstract: Chemicals from human sources such as agriculture, urban runoff, and waste from domestic and industrial sewage are pervasive in freshwater and coastal systems. New chemicals are continually being developed, but testing for toxicity prior to use is typically done under controlled laboratory conditions on one or a few species. When these emerging contaminants enter surface waters, they may have unexpected and far-reaching consequences. Environmental conditions such as elevated temperature could exacerbate adverse chemical effects on aquatic organisms. In addition, the presence of other species makes it difficult to discern which effects are due to direct chemical toxicity and which are due to indirect effects via species interactions. Finally, the interconnectedness of water environments increases the likelihood that contaminant effects extend farther than anticipated. This presentation will address the effects of two emerging contaminants on aquatic communities under environmental conditions, and the potential for emerging contaminants to travel long distances.

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