The EOS Center Mission and Vision


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Photo of San Francisco Bay and mudflats

The mission of the Estuary & Ocean Science Center (EOS)located at SF State's Romberg Tiburon Campus, is to support scientific study of the sea and develop solutions to the environmental problems confronting coastal communities. We connect science, society and the sea through outstanding interdisciplinary research, education and outreach programs, sustaining healthy and resilient coastal ecosystems for future generations.

Our vision is to create a sustainable center for scientific discovery, innovation and education focused on the health and resilience of the San Francisco Estuary, the Gulf of the Farallones and other nearby coastal ecosystems.

The EOS Center serves as a vibrant regional hub to support and train interdisciplinary, science-based problem solvers, with a focus on the San Francisco Estuary and Gulf of the Farallones ecosystems. Natural processes and resources greatly impact human health, quality of life, cultural heritage and economic prosperity, and these coastal ecosystems support the vitality of San Francisco and the Bay Area. Creative thinking by diverse teams that work within and across disciplinary boundaries is needed to solve the vexing environmental problems of today and the future. The EOS Center provides a forum for students, researchers and educators of natural and social sciences to employ a diversity of perspectives and disciplinary approaches while collaborating on research-based solutions to the problems confronting coastal ecosystems.

The EOS Center also supports community engagement through a variety of public programs, including citizen science and volunteer opportunities. The EOS Center's work is focused on the health and resilience of the San Francisco Estuary and Gulf of the Farallones ecosystems, including the human communities they support, for today and for future generations.