Jonathon Stillman


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Professor of Biology
Environmental Physiology in a Global Change Context
(415) 338-3790


Research Interests
The overall goals of my research are to understand physiological adaptations to the physical environment, to understand how organisms respond to changing environments, and to understand the molecular and biochemical bases of those physiological adaptations and responses.  My research program is highly interdisciplinary and covers a range of fields including ecology, evolution, behavior, physiology, protein biochemistry, and genomics.  My research addresses environmental factors such as temperature, pH and salinity all of which are highly relevant in studies to explore biotic responses to global climate change.  Additionally, my research aims to elucidate the mechanisms that underlie plastic and adaptive responses of organisms to environmental change that span ecological and evolutionary to cellular and molecular dimensions.    

Selected Papers - 

MS = Masters Student, UG = Undergraduate Student, PhD = PhD student. Full list of citations

Gunderson, A.R., B. Tsukimura and J.H. Stillman. 2017. Indirect effects of global change: from physiological and behavioral mechanisms to ecological consequences.  Int. Comp. Biol. In Press. doi: 10.1093/icb/icx056

Gunderson, A.R., E. King, K. Boyer, B. Tsukimura and J.H. Stillman. 2017. Species as stressors: heterospecific interactions and the cellular stress response under global change.  Int. Comp. Biol. In Press doi:10.1093/icb/icx019.

Armstrong, E.J., T. Allen, M. Beltrand, V. Dubousquet, J.H. Stillman, S.C. Mills. 2017. High pCO₂ and Elevated Temperature Reduce Survival and Alter Development in Early Life Stages of the Tropical Sea Hare Stylocheilus striatus.  Marine Biology. 164:107, doi: 10.1007/s00227-01703133-x.

Page, T. MS, S. Worthington UG, P. Calosi and JH Stillman. 2016. Effects of elevated pCO2 on crab survival and exoskeleton composition depend on shell function and species distribution: a comparative analysis of carapace and claw mineralogy across four porcelain crab species from different habitats.  ICES J. Mar. Sci. doi:10.1093/icesjms/fsw196.

Armstrong, E.J. PhD and J.H. Stillman. 2016. Construction and characterization of two novel transcriptome assemblies in the congeneric porcelain crabs Petrolisthes cinctipes and P. manimaculis. Integrative and Comparative Biology. doi: 10.1093/icb/icw043

Gunderson, A.R., E.J. Armstrong PhD and J.H. Stillman. 2016. Multiple Stressors in a Changing World: The Need for an Improved Perspective on Physiological Responses to the Dynamic Marine Environment. Ann. Rev. Mar. Sci. 8: 357-378. doi: 10.1146/annurev-marine-122414-033953.

Gunderson, A.R. and J.H. Stillman. 2015. Plasticity in thermal tolerance has limited potential to buffer ectotherms from global warming.  Proc. Roy. Soc. B. 282: 20150401.

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Stillman JH and EA ArmstrongPhD. 2015 Genomics are transforming our understanding of responses to climate change.  Biosci. 10.1093/biosci/biu219.

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Carter H.A. MS, L.O. Ceballos MS,URM, N. Miller and J.H. Stillman.  2013.  Impact of ocean acidification on the metabolism and energetics of early life stages in the intertidal porcelain crab Petrolisthes cinctipesJ. Exp. Biol216: 1412-1422 

Ceballos, L.O. MS,URM, H.A. Carter MS, N. Miller and J.H. Stillman.  2013.  Effects of ocean acidification on early life-history stages of the intertidal porcelain crab Petrolisthes cinctipesJ. Exp. Biol216: 1405-1411

Stillman, J.H. 2003. Acclimation capacity underlies susceptibility to climate change. Science, 301: 65.