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in support of the
Mission Blue
San Francisco Bay Hope Spot
 Estuary and Ocean Science Center
April 28, 2019

We, the undersigned, are honored to offer our support for the designation of the San Francisco Bay Hope Spot on this day, April 28, 2019, at the Estuary and Ocean Science Center, Romberg Tiburon Campus, San Francisco State University, in Tiburon, California.

San Francisco Bay is a world-renowned hot spot for estuarine biodiversity. Life in the Bay has declined precipitously over the past two centuries due to the multiple impacts of a bourgeoning human population. As this decline was recognized, the people of this nation, our state, and our community came together to initiate conservation actions such as improvements in water quality, watershed protection, wetland restoration, and fisheries management. Today, the Bay is showing signs of rejuvenation for many of its species and habitats. As examples, dolphins and porpoises once again frolic in its sky blue waters. Shorebirds wheel about its restoring tidal wetlands. Eelgrass and native oysters fringe many of our shorelines. Mission Blue is uniting a global coalition to “inspire public awareness, access and support for a worldwide network of marine protected areas” – ‘Hope Spots’. San Francisco Bay has been recognized as one of these hundred-plus global Hope Spots. Through our collective efforts, we will continue to inspire hope for our Bay and its aquatic denizens so that they may once again flourish and enrich our lives, and so that many generations of the future may also enjoy this special place we have had the opportunity to know and love and care for.


Karina J. Nielsen
Executive Director, Estuary & Ocean Science Center

Sylvia Gibson
Community Action for a Sustainable Alameda

Sylvia Earle
Founder, Mission Blue

Michael Vasey
Director, SF Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve

Anson “Tuck” Hines
Director, Smithsonian Environmental Research Center