Estuary study offers restoration guidance for Marin, West


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About 85% of the West Coast’s estuaries, which provide vital habitat for a diverse set of wildlife and various benefits for humans, have been lost in large part because of development.

Using updated technologies, a first-of-its kind study published this month in the PLOS ONE scientific journal has created a window into the past to show where these wetland habitats once existed. Bay Area estuary and wetlands researchers such as San Francisco Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve director Mike Vasey say the findings will provide a road map for recovery especially as they plan for the rising sea waters caused by climate change.

The information is super helpful from a perspective of seeing where we were and where we are,” said Vasey, who is also associate director for science engagement with the San Francisco State University Estuary and Ocean Science Center in Tiburon. “And now we really need to evaluate how do we adapt to these changes that are likely to take place.”

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