EOS Center gets the word out about research


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On October 21 and 22, a number of EOS Center students, faculty and alumni took part in the 14th “State of the San Francisco Estuary” conference in Oakland, an event held by the San Francisco Estuary Partnership to highlight efforts to manage and understand San Francisco’s estuary. Researchers at the EOS Center and its partner organizations presented 19 posters, and Professor of Biology Katharyn Boyer and EOS Center Executive Director and Professor of Biology Karina Nielsen both gave plenary talks at the event. Boyer spoke about the potential to create nature-based “living shorelines” that are resilient in the face of sea-level rise, and Nielsen discussed the naming of San Francisco Bay as the newest Mission Blue “Hope Spot.” Other topics covered by EOS Center researchers include native oysters, plankton monitoring and estuary education.

CampusMemo Spotlight 11/4/2019