Baywater System


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The Baywater System provides San Francisco baywater for RTC research needs. Use of BW facilities is limited to RTC PIs, their students, and staff. The water is collected at an intake structure 300’ off the Romberg Tiburon Center seawall and at a depth of approximately 40’. The water is delivered to several locations, the greenhouse/seawall, Room 108 in Building 36 and Room 104 in Building 54. The water feeds into RTC tanks and water tables that are available for faculty, staff, and students working at RTC to reserve as long as their research needs meet the criteria outlined in the Bay Water System Users Manual. 


To use the Baywater system, you must submit a proposal outlining your research, describe how you will be using the water, where you will be using the water, your estimated flow needs and for how long you need access to Bay Water. Instructions for completing and submitting a proposal are available on this website. Proposals are reviewed by the Baywater Committee and once approved, you will be able to access the table(s) and/or tank(s) you need and proceed with your research. 


All users should read all parts of the related webpages including the Baywater System Users Manual before beginning their research because there is crucial information about the system, who to contact when there is a problem and the various protocols associated with the system.


Baywater documents can be found HERE.