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How do scientists go from OMG to PhD? How do they turn their passion for science into their profession? What advice do they have for future scientists?

If you are a 5th-12th grade student, undergraduate, teacher or parent, join us to ask these questions and more in a Q&A session with our weekly Seminar speakers on Wednesdays from 2:30 - 3 PM.

Parents must give permission for children under 18 to participate. 

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July 7 | Dennis Jongsomit, Graduate Student, Hines Lab

Dennis grew up in a concrete jungle daydreaming about chasing wolves and stalking cheetahs far away from home. He ended up studying Wildlife Conservation Biology at UC Davis where he earned his Bachelor of Science degree. Instead of cheetahs, he ended up stalking wrentits for a long-term ecological research study with Point Blue Conservation Science. After several years of fieldwork throughout California he turned his attention to modeling changing bird distributions in the context of climate change using GIS tools. His masters thesis involves describing environmental factors driving winter migration patterns of Adélie penguins within the highly productive Ross Sea, Antarctica. He hopes this work will help inform and improve the management of the Ross Sea Region Marine Protected Area.