Adam Paganini


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RIPTIDES Coordinator
(415) 338-3514


Adam is the Coordinator for the NSF-funded Research Intensive Pedagogical Training of InterDisciplinary Estuarine Scientists (RIPTIDES) MS program. He directs activities to network between PIs and core participants, other faculty participants, SF State administration, and external partners. Adam is involved in coordination of courses, recruiting and advertising, evaluation of applications, assisting faculty advisors, program evaluation and other aspects of the project as they arise. Adam frequently communicates with program participants about their needs as well as any potential applicants that are interested in applying. 

Adam graduated with an MS in Marine Biology in 2013 with an emphasis on investigating physiological adaptations of invertebrates to climate change and continued on to be involved in monitoring environmental factors that are changing due to human activities, ocean temperature and pH. Bringing new findings to light, he garnered attention  with studies that  interpret the physiological sensitivity crabs have to global climate change. Adam's work has been featured on the cover of peer reviewed journals both for a) his innovative research on how Global Warming and Ocean Acidification reduced physiological performance in porcelain crabs and b) a meta-analysis with co-author Dr. Jonathon Stillman about Biochemical Adaptations to Ocean Acidification in a special George Somero-tribute issue of the Journal of Experimental Biology. Before becoming the RIPTIDES Coordinator Adam worked with Dr. Karina Nielsen on managing the deployment of a carbon dioxide-monitoring buoy into the SF Estuary just 300 feet from the Romberg Tiburon Campus' sea wall.


Selected publications:

  1. Paganini A.W., Miller N.A., Stillman J.H., (2014) Temperature and acidification variability reduce physiological performance in the intertidal zone porcelain crab Petrolisthes cinctipes. Journal of Experimental Biology 217, 22: 3974-3980 (Cover photo by Adam Paganini and ‘Editor’s Choice’ article)

  2. Paganini A.W., Kimmerer W.J., Stillman J.H. (2010) Metabolic responses to environmental salinity in the invasive clam Corbula amurensis. Aquatic Biology 11: 139-147

  3. Stillman J.H. & Paganini A.W. (2015) Biochemical adaptation to ocean acidification. Journal of Experimental Biology 218, 12: 1946-1955 (Cover design by Adam Paganini, photo by Adam Paganini, and ‘Editor’s Choice’ article)

  4. Miller N.A., Paganini A.W., Stillman J.H. (2013) Differential thermal tolerance and energetic trajectories during ontogeny in porcelain crabs, genus Petrolisthes. Journal of Thermal Biology 38: 79-85