Tendai Chitewere


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Photo of Tendai Chitewere
Associate Professor of Geography & Environment,
Sustainable communities, green consumerism, environmental anthropology
(415) 405-2676


Tendai Chitewere is broadly interested in the intersection of environmentalism, community, and justice. Specifically, she focuses on individual, neighborhood, and government responses to social and environmental degradation by creating sustainable ways to engage with each other and the environment. Building on her research on ecological cohousing communities, and using political ecology to examine the relationship between being green and being just, her current research is focused on urban agriculture in the San Francisco Bay Area and the role of urban gardening and K-16 education. She is also interested in the consumption of green commodities as a means to affect environmental change and creating green lifestyles. She has a strong interest in qualitative and quantitative research design that supports participatory community-based research.
Selected Publications:
Chitewere, T., Shim, J. K., Barker, J. C., and Yen, I. H. 2017. How Neighborhoods Influence Health: Lessons to be learned from the application of political ecology. Health & Place 45. Pg. 117-123.
Chitewere, T. 2015. Ecovillages: Lessons for Sustainable Community. Environmental Magazine 57(2). Pg. 38-39.
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Chitewere, T. 2012. Between a Rock and a Green Place: Exploring the relationship between green consumerism and social justice: In S.H. Emerman, M. Bjørnerud, S.A. Levy, and J.S. Schneiderman (eds.), Liberation Science: Putting science to work for environmental justice. Lulu Press.
Roberts, N.S. and Chitewere, T. 2011. Speaking of Justice: Exploring ethnic minority perspectives of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. Environmental Practice 13(4). Pg. 1-16.
Chitewere, T. 2010. Equity in Sustainable Communities: Exploring tools from environmental justice and political ecology. Natural Resources Journal 50(2). Pg. 315-339.
Chitewere, T. and Taylor, D. E. 2010. Sustainable Living and Community Building in EcoVillage at Ithaca: The challenges of incorporating social justice concerns into the practices of an ecological cohousing community. Research in Social Problems and Public Policy 18. Pg. 141-176.
Chitewere, T. 2008. Green Technology and the Design of a Green Lifestyle. Humanities and Technology Review 27. Pg. 87-106.