The Rosenberg Institute Seminar Series


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Spring 2019 Seminars
Wednesdays, 3:30 at the Bay Conference Center

Jan 30

Matthew James, Professor, Sonoma State University
Collecting Evolution: The Galapagos Expedition that Vindicated Darwin 

Feb 6

Shruti Khanna, Senior Environmental Scientist, California Department of Fish and Wildlife
Understanding Aquatic Communities Through Remote Sensing 

Feb 13

Tibisay Pérez, Professor, Venezuelan Institute for Scientific Research

Food Waste Composting as a Climate Change Mitigation Strategy from Agriculture

Feb 20

Grant Ballard, Chief Science Officer, Point Blue Conservation Science
Biodiversity and Climate Change in Antarctica 

Mar 6

Patty Oikawa, Assistant Professor, California State University East Bay
Measuring and Modeling Greenhouse Gas Exchange from Restored Freshwater and Tidal Wetlands in the San Francisco Bay-Delta 

Mar 13

Felicia Marcus, Chair
California Department of Water Resources

Managing California Water in a time of Change

11 A.M. Science Talk

6 P.M. Reception | 7 P.M. Public Talk

Mar 20

seminar cancelled 

Apr 3

Michelle Jungbluth, Adjunct Assistant Professor, San Francisco State University
Molecular Insights into Aquatic Food Web Ecology in the Estuary and Beyond

Apr 10

Robert Dorazio, San Francisco State University 
Inferring Colonization and Extinction Processes from Interannual Surveys of Environmental DNA  

Apr 17

Matt Gough, Associate Research Professor, Naval Postgraduate School
Applying Lagrangian Coherent Structure Techniques to Map Sea Surface Transport 

Apr 24

Ted Sommer, Lead Scientist, California Department of Water Resources 
Estuaries as Labs: Lessons from Recent Large Scale Flow Experiments in the Upper San Francisco Estuary

May 1

Denise Colombano, Doctoral Candidate University of California Davis 

Fishes of the San Francisco Estuary: A Seascape Perspective

May 8

Jason Gurdak, Associate Professor, San Francisco State University
Adapting to Sea-Level Rise on Atolls: Managing Land Use and Aquifer Recharge on Roi-Namur, Marshall Islands

May 15

 Estuary & Ocean Science Center Graduate Students
Geana Ayala (Boyer Lab)

 Epifaunal Community Recovery in San Francisco Estuary Eelgrass (Zostera marina) Beds Following a Low Salinity Period
Gabrielle Rupert (Cohen Lab)
 Comparison of Respiration and Metabolic Rates of Microhabitats and Cryptic Species of Leptasterias spp.
Daniel Yim (NERR Lab)
 The invasive ribbed mussel's impacts on the infaunal invertebrate community in Gallinas Creek, San Pablo Bay



Download the seminar schedule HERE.