The Rosenberg Institute Seminar Series


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Spring 2018 Seminars
Wednesdays, 3:30 at the Bay Conference Center


Jan 17

Marina Pančić, PhD student supervised by Thomas Kiørboe (DTU Aqua) and André W. Visser (DTU Aqua) 
Defence mechanisms in phytoplankton: traits and trade-offs

Jan 24

Dr. Carol Lee, UW Madison
Rapid Evolution During Habitat Invasions

Jan 31

Dr. Stephanie Sisk-Hilton, San Francisco State University
Bringing "What Scientists Do" to Elementary Classrooms: Partnerships to Support Teacher and Student Learning

Feb 7

Dr. Stephanie Carlson, U.C. Berkeley
Managing for resilience in California's inland fishes

Feb 14


Feb 21

Bianca Bahman (Stillman lab)
Dive Patterns Behavior of White Sharks Chacharodon carcharias

Salma Abdel-Raheem (Hines lab)
Spatial Planning for Saint George's Caye using Participatory GIS

Ryan Anderson (Hines lab)
Spatial Patterns in the Aragonite Saturation Horizon for the North Central California Shelf 

Feb 28

Dr. Elliot Hazen, Environmental Research Division, Southwest Fisheries Science Center, NOAA 
Managing protected species across multiple scales: Blue whale foraging and migration patterns in the California Current

Mar 7

Dr. Irnya Dronova, U.C. Berkeley 
The potential of remotely sensed phenology to indicate regional-scale wetland ecosystem properties and post-restoration dynamics

Mar 14

Dr. Dirk Rosen, Marine Applied Research & Exploration
Deepsea Wildernesss: California's Network of MPAs as explored by ROVs

Mar 21

No Seminar - Spring Break

Mar 28


Dr. Shawna Foo, Carnegie Institution for Science
Phototaxis and phototropism in symbiosis: Algal dependent photo-movement in a sea anemone host

Apr 4



Dr. Ruth Gates, University of Hawaii

11:00 AM Science Seminar
Corals Are Not All Created Equal: Selecting Corals for Intervention on Coral Reefs

6:00 PM Reception, 7:00 PM Public Forum 
Improving the Prognosis for the World’s Coral Reefs

Registration is required, REGISTER HERE!

Apr 11

Dr. Colleen Durkin, Moss Landing Marine Laboratories
Linking surface phytoplankton with carbon export to mesopelagic and abyssal ocean depths

Apr 18


Richelle Tanner, Graduate Student, Stillman and Sousa Labs
"Climate change effects on thermal tolerance plasticity in the eelgrass sea hare, Phyllaplysia taylori"

Apr 25

Dr. Jeffrey Mount, Senior Fellow, Public Policy Institute of California
Consequences of Groundwater Sustainability in California

May 2

Dr. Jose Pablo Vazquez-Medina, UC Berkeley
The northern elephant seal: a natural model for oxidative stress tolerance

May 9

Dr. Elahe Enssani, San Francisco State University
Nutrient and Total Organic Carbon Flushing Within a Snow-melt-driven Watershed

May 16

Rachel Weinberg (Cohen Lab)
Fusion and Chimerism in the Invasive Colonial Ascidian Didemnum vexillum"

Noah Jaffe (Cohen Lab)
Regional phylogeography and immunity-related variation in a brooding sea star variably impacted by Sea Star Wasting Disease


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