Rosenberg Institute Fall Seminar Series


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Wednesday, August 28  |  3:30 p.m.
Bay Conference Center, Romberg Tiburon Campus

Marisol García-Reyes, Ph.D.
Coastal Upwelling and Climate in the California Current

Abstract: Alongshore winds, through upwelling and transport, are the main force behind the rich marine ecosystem found in the California Upwelling Ecosystem and other Eastern Boundary Upwelling Systems. These winds, driven by large-scale atmospheric processes and enhanced at by coastal features, are largely impacted by climate. Ocean temperatures and chemical properties impact these ecosystems even further by modulating their biological productivity, and these properties change with climate. In the California Current, for example, ocean conditions vary greatly with events such as El Niño – Southern Oscillation and marine heat waves, like “The Blob”, which strongly impact the marine ecosystem and coastal environment in general. Given the importance of these coastal regions (about 80 M people live around them and 20% of the fisheries catch worldwide come from these areas), it is imperative to have reliable short- or long-term predictions on how these regions will be impacted by climate variability. In this talk we will explore the California Upwelling Ecosystem and all its moving parts, the California Upwelling System current state, and discuss the challenges in monitoring, understanding, and predicting present and future changes.

Bio: Born and raised in Mexico City, Marisol majored in Physics at the National University of Mexico, took a little detour to do computer sciences, and finally decided to pursue a Ph.D. in Atmospheric Sciences at UC Davis. She first starting working on upwelling systems in 2003 while in college. During her Ph.D. she investigated changes in upwelling-favorable winds with climate and her researched evolved into ocean temperature variability and finally into impacts to the marine ecosystem. Since 2012, she has been working at Farallon Institute, a research organization that focuses on changes in marine ecosystem, including fish.

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