Rosenberg Institute Fall Seminar Series


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Wednesday, September 19  |  3:30 PM  |   Bay Conference Center

Dr. Chelle Gentemann, Earth & Space Research

The changing landscape of science

Scientists today live within a rapidly evolving landscape that is affecting how science is performed. How questions are asked, what tools are available to address those questions, collaborations, and the communication of results are all changing rapidly due to technological advances, open data, and open source software. Ocean-going autonomous vehicles with adaptive sampling capabilities are just beginning to collect vast amounts of information previously only available through expensive research vessels staffed by scientists or moored buoys. The availability of these data in far greater resolution could provide insights on how small scale features affect the exchanges of energy, momentum, and gases between the ocean and atmosphere that drive our weather, climate, and fisheries. In many scientific disciplines, open data is now the norm. Over a decade of metadata and format maturation has resulted in standardization and eased access and use of previously disparate and poorly documented data. The previous model (find data, download data, write a reader to scale and interpret data) has been widely superseded by online access to data and cloud computing. Open source software has built on these advances, creating sophisticated libraries in numerous fields that provide advanced analysis and visualization capabilities that are allowing scientists to rapidly explore different techniques and encourage interdisciplinary projects. Fisheries data collection has unique challenges. These new tools are disrupting how science is accomplished and resulting in exciting new collaborations. This talk will present some of these new data sources, discuss how data access and use is being advanced, and how open science may impact all of us.


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